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Matsuyama Castle stands proudly atop a modest hill at the heart of the city, offering a breathtaking panorama.

Recognized with a prestigious Michelin Green Guide Japan star, the view from the Tenshu (main tower) unveils the beauty of Matsuyama City in all its splendor.

Panoramic Vista from Matsuyama Castle Tenshu (Main Tower)

Behold Mt. Takanawa to the north, the Iyonada Sea to the west, the bustling center of Matsuyama City and the serene Saragamine mountain range to the south, while the distant silhouette of Mt. Ishizuchi graces the eastern horizon.

East: View towards Dogo Onsen
South: Panoramic overlook of the Honmaru Square
South: Enchanting nightscape
South: Enchanting nightscape

Photo Spots

Scenic view of the Tenshu (main tower) and watchtowers from the earthworks on the west side of Horinouchi Park
Ninomaru Historic Site Garden
Stone wall perspective at the end of the stone-paved walk from Chojaganaru
Golden autumn dusk ambience from the Honmaru Square
Honmaru Square illuminated at night
Cityscape of Matsuyama City from the square near Kakure-mon Gate (Hidden Gate) at night

Matsuyama Castle Tenshu (Main Tower) (Important Cultural Property)

Architectural Structures of Matsuyama Castle

Scenic vista near Inui-mon Gate
Stone wall showcasing sangi-tsumi construction method (rectangular stones stacked with alternating long sides)
Defensive stone wall on the mountain slope
Yagura-mon Gate (Turret Gate), or Kakure-mon Gate (Hidden Gate) (Important Cultural Property)
Shichiku-mon Gate (Purple Bamboo Gate) (Important Cultural Property)
Nohara-yagura Turret (Important Cultural Property)

Ninomaru Historic Site Garden

Ninomaru Historic Site Garden seen from Shiroyama Park (Horinouchi District)
Event: Garden of Illumination

Shiroyama Park (Horinouchi District)

Yasuragi Square in spring
Moat on the west side
South exit

Seasonal Flowers

Spring: Cherry blossoms
Spring: Wisteria trellis in Chojaganaru
Spring: Japanese quince in Ninomaru Historic Site Garden, Matsuyama Castle
Early summer: Rhododendron at the cable car
Autumn: Maple trees in Ninomaru Historic Site Garden, Matsuyama Castle
Winter: Plum blossoms